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Nov 26, 2012 6:00am PST
. the operational statute will by law make these rates go up. that's what's changed. >> but when given a series of options to tax changes to consider, cantor did not warm to any of them. david brooks talked sunday about the conundrum facing speaker boehner. >> republicans have some homework to do. they have to figure out which taxes do we least want to oppose? and so that's rates, that's capital gains or that's deductions. i think they're going to end up with capital gains. >> meanwhile, the white house continues to believe they'll win the tax rate, you. and it's calling on the president's supporters to pressure congress to increase taxes on the wealthy hoping to build momentum behind their position. the president was never able to rally behind when it came to health care. today the white house is out with a report from the national economic council and the council of economic advisers to coincide with cyber monday estimating that consumers could spend nearly $200 billion less in 2013 if no 0 deal is reached and everyone's taxes go up at the end of the year. and in today's "new york times" warr
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am PST
's dumbest term limit law will get repea d repealed. is there any progress on that? are you ready to sign that bill saying, hey, i'm not going to seek it but for the next governor there should be re-election? do you believe there should be re-election? >> people ought to have a choice. there's 26 years in a row the constitution has attempted to be amend amended by the legislature. it's failed every year. i think it's time to create a choice for the people. >> do you think that this has hurt -- are there things you can't get done because you get turned into a lame duck governor too quickly? when do you feel the politics makes it harder for you, for any sitting governor? >> some of the media it's about a month after you get elected. no, but, what it does do, it creates a real sense of urgency to get things done. it creates the freedom to do what you think is right. >> so that's the upside. >> the down side is i think sometimes you see more power to the legislature but also to appointed officials within the administration that go from governor to governor. so i think on balance we ought to j
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2